Backache, never again

« It’s magic, my backache has completely disappeared! »

« Since I’ve been doing this very simple physical exercise that only takes a minute.” »

That’s what you could say too if you take our advice.

Jacques CUKIER :

Like you, I’ve been suffering from backache for years, right from the moment I get up in the morning… but no longer since I met Dr Richard ALARY, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. 

This dynamic and talented young doctor – always on the lookout for innovative solutions – in just a few seconds showed me this extraordinary exercise that addresses women and men alike, whatever their age, size and build.

You can even do it wearing your street clothes.

Just like me if, at last, you want to say: “backache, never again”, I will reveal this exercise to you, we will reveal this exercise to you, Dr Richard ALARY and myself, to ensure you no longer have to suffer.

For just 45 €which will be used to cover the cost of creating this website dedicated to promoting innovative ideasyou will receive the method for doing this exercise.

Very truly yours,

Richard ALARY & Jacques CUKIER

Who are we?

Jacques CUKIER
Patient of Dr Richard Alary

Docteur Richard ALARY
Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist